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Love Happier: The Art & Practice of Relationship

Author Magali Peysha has helped thousands of people find and build the romantic relationship they want. She is the bestselling author of the Strategic Intervention Handbook, founder of The Relationship Coaching Academy, and has trained over 10,000 Life Coaches. With the right map, it only takes one person to change a relationship for the better. Your love life can be transformed in as little as ten minutes a day by adding new powerful patterns. This simple, direct approach will activate the lover inside you. Discover how much happier you can be.

ISBN 978-1-934442-60-9 $19.95


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Changing Relationships: Strategies for Therapists and Coaches

A leading figure in contemporary psychology, Cloe Madanes is a guide for therapists and coaches seeking to help clients break free of relationship stalemates, turn down communication volatility, revitalize connection, and create safe space for new possibility. Once again, she demonstrates what resonates so powerfully. Tony Robbins said of her work, “Here was an approach that… honored the power of individual commitment and responsibility, and was also an action manual on navigating the paradoxes of interpersonal dynamics.”

ISBN 978-1-934442-59-3 $22.95


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The Glass Enclosure: Psychodynamic Exploration through Guided Imagery

Authors David S. Gordon and Cynthia Costas Cohen present what Daniel Siegel describes as a book “filled with wonder and wisdom.” The Glass Enclosure is an assemblage of verbatim transcripts from therapeutic sessions using guided imagery and the ensuing supervision conversations between teacher (Dr. Gordon) and student (Ms. Cohen). This extraordinary offering allows readers especially vivid access to the approach and how it may be employed to invite powerful shifts in clients.

ISBN 978-1-934442-51-7 $29.95


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The Habit of a Happy Life: Thirty Days to a Positive Addiction

This workbook presents a step-by-step model for shifting from negative habits to “positive addictions.” Drs Jeffrey K Zeig and Joan Nehall have culled the best from their work with hundreds of clients to create this program — what has impact, at what junctures do people need scaffolding, ways to ensure that slipping back is still moving forward, activities strengthen the muscles of optimism. From Harriet Lerner, “Reading this book is like having the authors as trusted and informed friends leading you step-by-step on the path to greater happiness.”

ISBN 978-1-934442-56-2 $19.95


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The Enemy Within: Separation Theory and Voice Therapy

A compendium of the Robert Firestone‘s life’s work, this in-depth exploration brings to light his holistic approach to understanding human behavior, relationships, and crucial socio-political issues. It also provides fresh insights into the critical inner voice and fantasy bond. Separation Theory is derived from Firestone’s primary focus in psychotherapy on helping individuals separate from critical inner voices and destructive emotional ties or fantasy bonds. Major applications of Voice Therapy — a powerful technique that enables clients to challenge their destructive thoughts — are presented.

ISBN 978-1-934442-58-6 $32.95


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Ericksonian Therapy Now: The Master Class with Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD

This book comes directly out of the innovative collaborations that Jeffrey K. Zeig‘s Master Class in New York City have spawned. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to study single-session therapies that are based in experiential methods. Each transcript allows us to sit in on these unique sessions. Dr. Zeig focuses on guiding the clients to live the change, rather than merely receive information about how to change. A rich adjunct to the session transcripts is the insightful annotation offered by the clients.

ISBN 978-1-934442-61-6 $27.95


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