Behind the One-Way Mirror (eBook)

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Behind the One-Way Mirror

Revised and Updated


After more than three decades, Behind the One-Way Mirror is as an essential resource now as ever. Why a revised edition? Because Cloé Madanes is a singular voice in strategic therapy, whose clarity and intellect can light the way for everyone working on the front lines of human relations — therapists and life coaches.


Ms Madanes has updated this important contribution to reflect an evolution in her own thinking: “I realized that now we possess a body of knowledge that can help millions of people and that we need to share this knowledge so that everyone can benefit from it, instead of limiting it to a small group of people who belong to the therapy professions.  We are all related and we are here to help each other.”  And it is with some urgency that she proffers a democratization of therapeutic advocacy: “ … we need to break up the illusion of separate identities that is the cause of so much intolerance.”


Ms Madanes’ clear observations, precise strategies, and nuanced understandings are brought to life in vivid case excerpts that allow therapists and coaches to identify the key steps in moving from idea to action with their own clients.



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