Case of Myra: Hypnosis as a Context for Self-Discovery


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Michael D. Yapko Michael Yapko Video
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In this powerful new demonstration of strategically applied hypnosis, viewers have a chance to look on as Dr. Yapko helps Myra, a woman feeling trapped in a “depressed lifestyle” of passivity and isolation. Myra reported that she was a prisoner of her own inertia, feeling immensely frustrated, discouraged and defeated in her life. Dr. Yapko gently steers Myra away from limitations of the past to focus on the positive possibilities of the future. Myra is encouraged to be active in developing a new system for making better, more productive choices, and these new decision-making patterns are reinforced through metaphor and the use of humor.

ISBN: 978-1-934442-28-9 • 2008 • 66 Minutes • $39.95

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