Confluence: The Selected Papers of Jeffrey K. Zeig - Volume I


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At long last, Jeffrey Zeig has gathered up some of his most pivotal contributions to psychotherapy and put them together in a new volume that will be of interest to students and colleagues alike. And as the title implies, this book represents a convergence of ideas and writings over time, reflecting Zeig’s professional and personal journey. Divided into four major sections, the 15 titles encompass both the overarching themes of contemporary clinical endeavor: how to BE a therapist and how to DO therapy.

Throughout the book, Zeig’s understanding of therapy as being more art than science is apparent. His creativity and love of language come through, even in the most technical of discussions, thereby making it easier to grasp the concepts being discussed and stimulating further thought on the part of the reader. In every chapter, there is something concrete to learn about methodology, limitations, history, innovation, and application. Taken as a whole, this volume represents and contributes to the confluence of the field, for, as the author says, “The art of our own evolution is going to advance the therapy more than any technical development that any expert has to offer you.”

ISBN: 978-1-932462-83-8 • 2006 • 272 Pages • Softcover • $34.95

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