Disarming the Past


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What would happen if a new miracle drug were developed that could give you:

  • better mental and physical health,
  • deeper meaning in life,
  • greater satisfaction in everyday life,
  • and, increased psychological health for your children?

The manufacturer would have a tough time keeping up with demand, the company’s stock would soar, and the developer of the drug would likely receive the Nobel Prize.

Of course, there is no such drug. And yet, there is something can foster these effects: a strong long-term relationship.

Disarming the Past: How an Intimate Relationship Can Heal Old Wounds shows us how and why the central committed relationship in our lives is, among other things, our best chance to extricate ourselves from a painful past. Whether by providing the opportunity to develop a greater capacity for separateness or for connectedness, whether by encouraging old scripts to be given up or new paths to be forged, the authors explain the ways in which the healing process can take root in the right relationship.

Clear, compassionate, and designed for action, the book reaches out to both therapist and client for use outside as well as within the therapy room. Lewis and Gossett have created a strong therapeutic bridge – not a workbook – but rather, a profound guide that offers deep perspectives on confounding relational issues, that provides thoughtful responses to complex questions. Anchored by years of practice and research, theirs is a breakthrough resource for all those who wish to gain the benefits of that as-yet-undiscovered miracle drug.

ISBN: 978-1-891944-06-2 • 221 Pages • Cloth • $36.95

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