Empirical Research in Logotherapy and Meaning-Oriented Psychotherapy: An Annotated Bibliography


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Alexander Batthyany Books David Guttmann
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Batthyany and Guttmann’s annotated bibliography is the only book of which I am aware that provides a comprehensive review of research on meaning in life, the concept at the very heart of logotherapy.
–Dr. Peter D. Ebersole, Department of Psychology, California State University, Fullerton

Viktor Frankl’s impact extends far beyond logotherapy and psychotherapy. He deserves to be recognized as the father of positive psychology… Alexander Batthyany and David Guttmann’s annotated bibliography attests to Frankl’s widening influence, and provides invaluable resources for psychotherapists and researchers.
— Dr. Paul T. P. Wong, Research Director and Professor, Trinity Western University, B.C., Canada President, International Network on Personal Meaning, and International Society for Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy

An ambitious project, this book offers an organized, comprehensive, and invaluable compilation of relevant research material regarding meaning in life — the central axis of logotherapy. For those who are interested specifically in the work of Viktor Frankl, the book’s place in the library should be easily accessible because it will be pulled from the shelf again and again. For those who are not as familiar with his truly expansive perspective, the book will clarify Frankl’s place in the field of contemporary psychotherapy and his enduring influence around the world.

Batthyany and Guttmann have divided their presentation into three parts. In the first, readers will find studies on the scope, depth, and sources of meaning in everyday life, as well as across a variety of situations. The second part introduces findings related to logotherapy and psychopathology, and the entries in the third section consider the validity, reliability, and structure of logotherapeutic test instruments, or deal on some level with meta-research on logotherapy. A relevant resource for the classroom or the private study, Empirical Research in Logotherapy and Meaning-Oriented Psychotherapy: An Annotated Bibliography celebrates the most profound aspects of psychotherapeutic exploration.

ISBN: 978-1-932462-33-3 • 2006 • 280 Pages • Hardcover • $69.95

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