Focused Problem Resolution: Selected Papers of the MRI Brief Therapy Center


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The Mental Research Institute (MRI) has a distinguished history and can lay claim as the birthplace of numerous contributions to Communication/Interactional theory and innovations in the application of these ideas in the practice of family and brief therapy—not least of which is to be home of the MRI Brief Therapy Center (BTC).

If the work of Don Jackson is the heart and soul of MRI, the articles in this new volume are its backbone. This new volume brings together a selection of the very best papers from the MRI Brief Therapy Center—not an easy task for the editors. Consider that Fisch, Weakland, and Watzlawick published more than 250 articles and book chapters, and add the contributions of other BTC associates and the number grows to more than 400. The focus of this volume is on the most important papers written by John Weakland and Richard Fisch—the pioneers of communication/interactional theory and brief therapy.

Presented chronologically, the papers span nearly fifty years, and include:

  • Resistance to Change in the Psychiatric Community
  • On Unbecoming Family Therapists
  • ‘The Double-Bind Theory’ by Self-Reflexive Hindsight
  • Brief Therapy: Focused Problem Resolution
  • Communication Theory and Clinical Change
  • Family Therapy with Individuals
  • The Brief Treatment of Alcoholism
  • Myths about Brief Therapy; Myths of Brief Therapy
  • Basic Elements in the Brief Therapies
  • Brief Therapy—MRI Style

—and more.

ISBN: 978-1-934442-35-7 • 2009 • 272 Pages • Softcover • $29.95

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