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Satir’s broadly encompassing perspective is communicated in this new book, In Her Own Words, through a series of previously published —and never-before-published — short works she produced between 1963 and 1983. Presented in chronological order, these articles give readers a strong sense of her professional evolution, as well as her lively personal voice. The short introductions by contemporary contributors provide frame and context for what follows.

Contents include:

  • Introduction by John Banmen
  • Schizophrenia and Family Therapy
    Introduction: Sandy Novak
  • The Family as a Treatment Unit
    Introduction: Stuart Piddocke
  • Family Systems and Approaches to Family Therapy
    Introduction: Gloria Taylor
  • The Growing Edge of Myself as a Family Therapist
    Introduction: Pindy Badyal
  • Making a One-Parent Family Work
    Introduction: Gloria Taylor
  • Conjoint Family Therapy
    Introduction: Stephen Smith
  • A Partial Portrait of a Family Therapist in Progress
    Introduction: Colleen Murphy
  • The Therapist and Family Therapy
    Introduction: Sharon Blevins
  • When I Meet a Person
    Introduction: Jesse Carlock
  • Therapist’s Use of Self
    Introduction: Carl Sayles
  • The Therapist Story
    Introduction: Moira Haagen

ISBN: 978-1-934442-19-7 • 2008 • Softcover • $32.95

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