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Neil Schiff describes the book as [bringing] the reader into the client’s and therapist’s world, illustrating the idea of invisible men and using the idea as an explanation, as well as a basis for change.

Why is it so difficult to engage men in the therapy process when a family runs into difficulty? The reasons are many, but the upshot is singularly unproductive, even destructive. And yet it continues to be a problem for therapists — and families. Invisible Men offers insight into the problem as it manifests across numerous specific situations. More important, the authors demonstrate a host of innovative approaches to making men an integral part of the solution picture. Ample case material brings the perspective to life, taking it from theory to application.

Book reviews

From Cloe Madanes, An essential guide for how to engage men in therapy and lead them to success as husbands and fathers.

Michele Weiner-Davis says that activating men to step up can be pivotal in effecting therapeutic change,” and that David Grove “offers practical solutions in this…eminently readable book.

And Jay Haley points out, It is always interesting to find a new idea blossoming in family therapy. It shows the richness of its content. In exploring the ideas presented in Invisible Men one will encounter both newness and tradition.

ISBN: 978-1-891944-95-6 • 2002 • 232 Pages • Softcover • $31.95

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