Love Happier: The Art & Practice of Relationship (eBook)

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With the right map, it only takes one person to change a relationship for the better. Your love life can be transformed in as little as ten minutes a day by adding new powerful patterns. This simple, direct approach will activate the lover inside you. Discover how much happier you can be.
<blockquote>An innovative new voice in the field of relationship coached. Learn and grow with these creative relationship strategies.

— Tony Robbins

Seriously, Magali is a genius coach! My heart just melts and heals everytime I hear her teach coaching strategies.
— Susana
I saw the beauty and the love that Magali is shining from the heart. She sees through the soul. Years of therapy couldn’t do that. And I felt my inner child
be happy finally.
— Tara
Magali is one of the calmest, kindest and most powerful expressions of female energy I have ever felt. She approaches issues with a sense of patient purpose to bring out the best in people. By using the language of the heart, she surpasses all imposed beliefs and brings out the true gentle power lying dormant in each of us.
— Ivan
These really simple techniques move so much forward! They have helped me, my relationship with my husband, my children, and my coaching.
— Anne Marie</blockquote>
Magali has helped thousands of people find and build the romantic relationship they want. She is the bestselling author of the Strategic Intervention Handbook, founder of The Relationship Coaching Academy, and has trained over 10,000 Life Coaches. Dedicated to empowering others, she specializes in a creative, heart-centered method. She has been married to her college sweetheart Mark Peysha for twenty-five years, and they have five wonderful children together.

<span style=”color: dimgray; font-size: small;”>ISBN 978-1-934442-60-9 / 144 pages / Paperback / 6×9</span>

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