Building On Adolescent Expertise: A Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy Approach


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Matthew D. Selekman, M.S.W., has a family therapy training and consultation practice in Evanston, Illinois. He presents extensively throughout North America, South America, and Europe on working with difficult children and adolescents. Matthew is the respected author of four books, including his latest entitled Living on the Razor’s Edge: Solution-Oriented Brief Family Therapy with Self-harming Adolescents.

Matthew Selekman is known worldwide for his work with difficult-to-treat children and adolescents and their families. In this unique demonstration video, we see him at work with a mother and her angry adolescent daughter. Combining traditional solution-focused techniques with his own technique of working with subgroups of the family within the same session, he instills both a new understanding of the problem, and a new sense of their considerable resources for dealing with it.

ISBN: 978-1-932462-67-8 • 2000 • 95 Minutes • $79.95

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