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It has long been recognized that mental processes affect physiological states, but pinpointing the exact mechanisms has taken longer. Integrating cutting-edge research in psychobiology with innovative techniques of mind-body healing (the ideodynamic approach), this volume will be essential reading for all clinicians who work with clients with psychosomatic disorders, stress-related problems, sleep disorders, and other problems in which mental and physical processes are both involved.

Each of the book’s ten major sections is divided into chapters on Theory, Clinical Practice, and Research. The introductory sections on theory carefully outline new models of psychobiology that are the basis of mind-body therapy, psychoneuroimmunology, and stress-related disorders. Major psychobiological concepts are illustrated with newly created images highlighting the major pathways of mind-body communication and healing.

The chapters on clinical practice contain hundreds of engaging case reports from Cheek’s 40 years of clinical work. These vivid cases illustrate how ideodynamic signaling forms a bridge between the verbal and physiological levels in the therapy of stress-induced disorders. Rossi and Cheek present numerous practical techniques using a creative three-step approach to therapeutic hypnosis: (1) access the psychobiological sources of problems; (2) reframe them therapeutically; (3) ratify the therapeutic gain. Throughout the text, boxed outlines summarize the exact words and approaches used by the authors in specific clinical situations ranging from pain management to sexual dysfunction.

Chapters on research suggest intriguing lines of investigation involving the new frontier of mind-gene-molecule communication and its implications for healing practices. The authors propose 64 ideas for new research projects for readers interested in contributing to this emerging area of investigation.

Ultimately, Mind-Body Therapy guides and empowers readers to find the keys to their own well-being and health. Therapists of all persuasions will be well informed by Rossi and Cheek’s many clinical illustrations of converting symptoms into signals, and psychological problems into creative resources.

Rossi has done it again! He has compiled the works of one of the most creative elder statesmen in the field of hypnosis…Clinicians who use hypnosis for exploration in psychotherapy or with psychosomatic disorders, pain, medical problems, surgery, or sleep disorders will definitely want this book. In its synthesis of clinically practical information, theory, and topics for research, this is one of the finest volumes to be published on hypnosis. It will be stimulating to clinicians, academicians, and researchers alike.
-D. Corydon Hammond, Ph.D.

This is a combined venture of a researcher and clinician who link theory and research with practical applications. A wealth of data that belongs in library of anyone involved with psychosomatics and hypnosis.
–Charles B. Mutter, M.D., Past President, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

ISBN:978-0-393-70052-7 • 1988 • 519 Pages • Hardcover • $29.95

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