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Writing a book is a daunting task. One has to be really motivated. Dr Staffin’s debut is the result of being highly motivated to further disseminate the work of Jeffrey Zeig, to celebrate what he learned in his 17 years of study with Dr Zeig, and to make accessible what is too often chalked up to the charisma or particularity of the teacher. Culling from the live encounters that took place in the NYC Masterclass, Dr Staffin is meticulous in his investigation of Zeig s artistry as it comes through the actual sessions. The hope is that readers will walk away with fresh insight into this experiential way of working and inspiration for expanding their own ways.


Praise for More Common Therapy

With Rob Staffin’s book, you are invited into the therapy room of a great master and what may seem his unattainable artistry in practicing therapy.  Dr. Staffin divides his material into clear and accessible elements that readers can bring into their own work in order to practice new skills in limbic resonance with clients. I recommend this book to all therapists who have an interest in refining their presence in therapy — and I recommend daily practice since there is no shortcut to becoming a master.

Dr. Grethe Bruun
 Supervising Psychologist, Denmark

The author writes his introduction: “The greatest challenge in writing this book was how to bring the encounter to life.” This is exactly what Dr. Staffin has achieved. … As a regular participant in the Master Class over years, I was amazed by the high authenticity of the observation and evaluation of the psychotherapeutic process. … In his description, the author is on the cutting edge of current psychotherapy research. According to recent findings, it is not the technique responsible for the healing success, but how the therapist understands how to shape the therapeutic relationship so that the client gives himself or herself permission for personal and emotional change. In this respect, too, Dr. Staffin has succeeded in creating a masterpiece with this book. If you really want to know how hypnotherapy is structured in its core, read this book.

— Dr. Christoph Sollmann
 Psychologist and Author, Germany

It is my honor to write an endorsement for Dr. Staffin’s new book. … Dr. Staffin’s ability to identify and utilize Dr. Zeig’s techniques and strategies is beyond my imagination, and I am in awe of what he has written. Through his professional lens, great therapeutic techniques, such as gesture, eliciting meaning, and paraverbal communication came alive, and they dance inside my mind and I can play with these ideas when I do therapy. I highly recommend this book to psychotherapy professionals who wish to improve their abilities and become better therapists.

— Wei Kai Hung, Ed.M.
Clinical Director, Institute of Generative Trance, China

Staffin’s book brings to life his experiences as a participant and his observations of countless other rich clinical experiences in the masterclass sessions, and integrates them with his own clinical wisdom as a psychologist, hypnotherapist, and teacher of hypnosis.  The result of this rich process is a book in which the sensory aspects of phenomenological experience, the paraverbal dimensions of communication, and the subtle but robust processes of limbic communication are delineated to the reader through sharing, storytelling, and technical explanation.  In this regard, More Common Therapy channels and conveys the process of hypnotherapeutic attunement and utilization: through our sharing of stories, allusions, and suggestions across time and space, we give our patients back a version of themselves that they hadn’t previously been consciously aware of.  It is through this relational exchange of experience that ultimately they create the healing that they didn’t even know that they knew that they needed.  And it is through that exchange that the old becomes new, and the knew becomes known again.

— Eric Spiegel, Ph.D.
President, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, 2018-2019

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