Personality Disorders - A New Look at the Developmental Self and Object Relations Approach


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In this extraordinary book, James Masterson gives new meaning to “back to the future” as he reviews some of the most significant ideas he set forth a quarter of a century ago and wonders out loud how they will cross over into the new millennium. Most have stood the test of time and indeed will serve as a strong foundation for the work that is to come; some have gone through a healthy evolution and remain more fluid. All continue to hold our interest and to demand our attention.

Among the featured topics:

  • The role of the mother or primary caretaker in the development of the normal self
  • the minimizing and denial of the role of the mother in the borderline personality disorder
  • handicaps of the DSM-IV descriptive approach to diagnosis and the advantage of a psychodynamic approach
  • the integrating influence of a concept of the self on an understanding of the personality disorders
  • the differential diagnosis of those patients whose primary defense is focus on the object
  • the diagnosis and treatment of intimacy problems in patients with personality disorders

A unique highlight is the inclusion of a comprehensive report of a six-year course of psychoanalytic psychotherapy of a patient with a closet narcissistic defense against neurosis. This rich case study makes accessible not only the overt clinical issues being negotiated, but also the all-important nuances of disclosure and treatment.

Readers across the field will benefit from Dr. Masterson’s decision to pause and reflect on his 25 years of work in the personality disorders — his decision to pause and project what the future may hold in this important area of investigation.

ISBN: 978-1-932462-89-0 • 2000 • 276 Pages • Hardcover • $37.95

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