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The time has come for a major shift in how we think about and how we do psychotherapy, proposes James Bugental. And in a major new contribution-Psychotherapy Isn’t What You Think-he explains why it is necessary that psychotherapists redirect their attention from gathering information about the client to attending to the client’s actual experiencing in the living moment.

This change in the focus of therapist concern, he asserts, enriches the work, as therapeutic partners discover what is most truly alive in their immediate engagement. In bringing this aspect to the fore, they can begin to identify ways in which it is part and parcel of the client’s way of conducting life. The phenomenon of transference is a familiar one, but in this context, it gains greater power to bring about significant life changes.

Dr. Bugental’s conception is basically simple; its application is more challenging. The author provides many clear examples of the idea in action and a vast array of practical tips for accessing the newfound productivity that this conception makes available. Drawing on more than three decades of teaching and practice, Dr. Bugental is careful to avoid becoming esoteric. He speaks directly to his readers, describing vividly “what attending to the living moment” means in actual therapy.

Psychotherapy Isn’t What You Think may just be the most important addition you make to your clinical perspective.

Partial Contents

  • What Is “The Living Moment”?
  • Living Is Only in the Now
  • Understanding Searching and Concern
  • The Necessity for Space Suits
  • Life Structures: Vital and Limiting
  • Developing and Tuning the Third Ear
  • A Client’s Eye View
  • Refining and Extending Therapist Artistry
  • The Experiencing-Centered Orientation
  • Life Is Not What You Think

ISBN: 978-1-891944-13-0 • Softcover • $32.95

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