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“Writing is a dialogue with oneself,” says Dr. Jerry M. Lewis in the opening pages of this new work. Fortunately, he has included the rest of us in on the conversation. For 15 years, his words have graced editions of Psychiatric Times in an on-going series of essays in which Dr. Lewis shares knowledge, observations and personal experience drawn from over five decades of professional practice.

Forty-one of those essays, collected here for the first time, not only inform, inspire and challenge the reader, but also constitute a kind of celebration. Whether he is sharing with the reader exciting developments in neuroscience and advances in psychopharmacology (and how they impact professional practice), or contemplating a patient’s personal disappointment that Dr. Lewis doesn’t share his conviction that the “end of days” is upon us—his persistent fascination with his work comes across in every word. Even when he is critical, the regard and affection for the psychotherapeutic professions is obvious.

ISBN: 978-1-934442-32-6 • 2009 • Softcover • $27.95

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