Surviving a Licensing Board Complaint: What to do, What Not to Do-Practical Tips from the Experts


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Designed to guide mental health professionals who find that they must prepare for dealing with a complaint filed with the state licensing board, this book is unique in its frank and practical perspective. Whether you are an independent practitioner or you work in an institution or agency setting, you may one day have to face what could be a career-ending grievance filed by an unhappy consumer.

So, you can worry about it … or you can take steps to protect yourself.

The team behind this book—all experienced psychotherapists with expertise in ethics, law, risk management skills, and licensing board issues—suggests the latter. A treasure trove of information, the book is also essential reading for mental health professionals being investigated by ethics committees and other grievance adjudication boards. Preventative or palliative, the tips and strategies contained here are in the right hands if they are in your hands—one of the thousands of caring mental health professionals who are seeking to help the men, women, children, and families across the United States.


  • Putting Risk Management Procedures in Place
  • Paying Attention to Important Legal Issues
  • Opening the Mail and Finding a Complaint
  • Locating the Client’s File
  • Gathering a Support System
  • Selecting An Attorney
  • Developing a Strategy
  • Responding to the Complaint
  • Dealing with an Investigation
  • Understanding Your Options & Consequences
  • Deciding if you will Negotiate a Settlement
  • Going to Hearing
  • Dealing with Your Emotions

ISBN: 978-1-934442-24-1 • 2008 • 140 Pages • Softcover • $19.95

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