The Case of Terri: Mobilizing Resources in Hypnosis A Clinical Demonstration of Hypnosis in Building Personal Resources


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Terri begins her narrative by reporting that she has a “history of falling down.” She has suffered numerous injuries and painful episodes as a result of her difficulties walking. despite her doctors’ assurances that she is in good health, she is concerned about aging and being injured or becoming ill as time goes on. Terri’s anxiety about growing older, falling down, suffering, and getting sick become the basis for a moving hypnosis session. Dr. Yapko works with Terri to help her take “the next steps’ in her life, literally and metaphorically, with grace and confidence. This professionally filmed session includes explanatory subtitles highlighting nuances of Dr. Yapko’s intervention and long-term follow-up information on Terri’s progress.


ISBN: 978-1-932462-38-8 • 66 Minutes • $39.95

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