The Disorderly Soul: Aligning with the Movement of Love


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The Disorderly Soul:
Aligning with the Movement of Love
By Jan Crawford

June 1 / 196 pages / Paperbound / Illustrated / ISBN 978-1-194442-46-3 / $27.95 / ePub / Mobi

In this new work, Jan Crawford first pays homage to her teacher and mentor, Bert Hellinger and to Hellinger facilitators, including Suzi Tucker and her Guided Learning in New York City. Like many who feel disconnected with their families, Crawford examines her own family history before she attempts to understand, forgive and reconcile. Crawford comes full circle in her relationships with her family and that constellation work itself involves stepping into a circle to heal one’s life.

“An intensely personal and brilliantly honest documentation of a large life lived on the path of reconciliation and healing.” –Hunter Beaumont, PhD, Chair, International Systemic Constellation Association

“Janice Crawford’s unwavering honesty and self-insight give the reader the opportunity to watch a beautiful flower blossom, petal by tender petal.” –Jean Smith, author of Now: The Art of Being Truly Present

“It would be only clinically true to say that this book is about trauma. It is also about how a person’s spiritual and psychological paths may be in part an attempt to detour around the very resolutions that will bring the peace and freedom they seek. And it is about the joy when one does not.” –Sandra Weinberg, Co-Founder, New York Insight Meditation Society

About the Author

Jan Crawford is a specialist in working with the multiple dimensions of trauma resolution. A former psychoanalyst and a graduate of the International Trauma Studies Program of New York University, she supervises health professionals training in Somatic Experiencing psychosomatic trauma work for the Foundation for Human Enrichment. She is also certified in systemic family constellation work by Bert Hellinger, USA, and Hellinger Sciencia, Germany. Ms. Crawford has been absorbed for more than four decades in spiritual studies and has contributed to several books that bridge the fields of psychology and spirituality. The most recent of these is published in Women Psychotherapists: Journeys in Healing. She also maintains a psychotherapy practice in New York City.

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