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The Enemy Within: Separation Theory and Voice Therapy is a compendium of the life work of theorist and clinical psychologist, Robert Firestone. An in-depth exploration of the author’s latest findings, the books brings to light his holistic approach to understanding human behavior, relationships, and crucial socio-political issues. It also provides fresh insights into the critical inner voice and fantasy bond: the key concepts in the Firestone’s theoretical approach. Separation Theory is derived from Firestone’s primary focus in psychotherapy on helping individuals separate from critical inner voices and destructive emotional ties or fantasy bonds. Various applications of Voice Therapy — a powerful technique that enables clients to challenge their destructive thoughts — are also described.

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The Enemy Within: Separation Theory and Voice Therapy

2017 / 425 pages / eBook / epub format / ISBN: 978-1-934442-64-7 / $32.95


“A commanding articulation of Separation Theory and Voice Therapy in the service of fostering ‘life-affirming death awareness’ by one of the most influential theorists and clinicians of our times.”

Sheldon Solomon, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Skidmore College


“Rich with examples, the work highlights his crucial concepts of the ‘inner voice’ and ‘fantasy bond,’ which have enlightened our understanding of dynamic processes of human development, with new implications for understanding current socio-political issues.”

Donald K. Freedheim, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Case Western Reserve University


“Filled with case examples it illuminates the role of the voice and fantasy bond in such powerful issues as violence and suicide: A must-read for clinicians and students who want to learn how to work in depth with the self-destructive voice and the fantasy bond.”

Leslie S. Greenberg, PhD

Distinguished Research Professor

Dept. of Psychology, York University


“Thank you Robert Firestone for this comprehensive, practical and precious work identifying The Enemy Within and providing clear strategies for addressing resistance in psychotherapy, but more important, our own resistance to a better life.”

Pat Love, EdD

Author of Hot Monogamy,

The Truth About Love, and

How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It


“… the culmination of a lifetime of insight into the human heart beginning with children’s relationships to parents and by implication the wondrous yet trepidating existence around them.  Combining both extensive data from his own practice, as well as experience at the forefront of the intentional community movement, Firestone has produced a milestone of incisive, illuminating and practical guidance to the core of therapeutic healing–as well as cultural healing in my view.”

Kirk Schneider, PhD

Author of The Spirituality of Awe

and Existential-Humanistic Therapy


“Once again demonstrating the wisdom of integrating psychoanalytic and existential themes, Firestone brings to bear his long and deep experience in understanding and healing the human condition. He introduces important concepts that constitute a kind of psychological matter and anti-matter to unlock some crucial challenges we must face as individual people and as a collective humanity.”

James Garbarino, PhD

Maude C. Clarke Chair in Humanistic Psychology

Loyola University Chicago

Author of The Lost Boys and Listening to Killers

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