The Fifth Position


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Through addressing religion and spiritual beliefs and biases, Joanne opens up another valuable resource that can be tapped into for clients. By taking the time to engage in the activities presented at important junctures of the book, readers can gain a better understanding of the material and move from a theoretical perspective to actual hands-on work and application that can enhance our beliefs and understanding of our own work and the experience of clients. The Fifth Position is a great addition to any practitioner’s library. It not only provides valuable insights and information, but it provides guidance and practical reflections that will help those in the counseling profession be more inclusive and complete in their counseling interactions.

JOANNE GINTER holds degrees in psychology and religious studies, and has 35 years of clinical experience, including as a clinical supervisor. She is a member of the Canadian Psychologist’s
Association, the American Psychologist’s Association (Associate), and Play Therapy Canada.

“Religion and spirituality are two essential elements of cultural competence. Whatever your own background and beliefs might be, Joanne Ginter will prepare you for working effectively with this important aspect of human diversity.”
—Scott D. Miller, Ph.D
Director, International Center for Clinical Excellence

“Ginter’s insightful and sensitive analysis of religion and resiliency will be sure to generate spirited conversation and new insights for psychotherapeutic practice. Her intercultural approach, with attention to diversity and context, opens up some of the mysteries of how religion works in
people’s lives. Cases are woven throughout the chapters, making Ginter’s theoretical proposals come alive. This is a very useful and well-written book; I highly recommend it!”
—Tracy J. Trothen
Associate Professor, Registered Psychotherapist
School of Religion, Queen’s University

“Ginter ably meshes insights from the academic study of religion with current thinking on the importance of fostering resilience in psychotherapy. The result is a timely and stimulating synthesis of great value to therapists practicing in a religiously and culturally pluralistic milieu.”
—William Morrow
Prof., Hebrew and Hebrew Scriptures, School of Religion
Queen’s University, Kingston ON

December 2016 / 128 pages / 6 x 9 Paperbound / ISBN 978-1-934442-55-5 / $24.95


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