The Imprinters: Surviving the Unlived Life of Our Parents


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The Imprinters is the story of a very personal journey. The book evolved out of an intensive year’s work near Florence, Italy with a group of dedicated persons willing to follow Dr. Walkenstein into whatever dark and even dangerous passageways beckoned. That work was at the same time taking place in her monthly workshops in Paris.

The work in Italy was deepened and enhanced by the participation of several people from her Paris Workshop who came to Florence. Out of the intensity was born “the Nucleus,” the most amazing, even explosive, discovery in all of Walkenstein’s years of working in the field in which she has been so passionately involved. The book is daring. It explodes old myths about the family, and shows the way to get freed from the shackles and tyranny of the past.

“The sins of our fathers and mothers are visited upon us,” Walkenstein explains. “It is what we do with the consequences that determines the degree of our integration and wholeness. Therapy heals us only when it heals our parents within us. So the best therapy is that which treats the grand crimes of our parents against us. That is our job, and what we were born in order to accomplish.”

At the “professional heart” of this book, Walkenstein reveals that The Nucleus is not a technique, not a new tool for therapeutic manipulation of people, not a new psychoanalysis “to push people down on their backs and run roughshod over them with a new jargon.” Instead, The Nucleus is “a concept, a suggestion of an entity, a dream. It must be approached not in the spirit of capturing it….but in the spirit of following it into whatever dark corners it may lead us.”

ISBN: 978-1-932462-99-9 • 2008 • 392 Pages • Softcover • $39.95

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