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Recognizing the metaphorical nature of the problem, Hal Brickman’s approach to weight management includes a variety of scripts that address the unconscious meaning of unregulated eating. The scripts are designed not as magic cures but as catalysts for serious psychodynamic work. This is a significant contribution to the literature.
–From the Foreword by Daniel L. Araoz

This collection of discrete hypnotherapy scripts is designed to aid clinicians in helping their clients deal with the complex, often lifelong issue of weight management. The scripts can also be used by individuals as a means to move away from common emotional triggers brought on by stress and feelings of low self-worth. Armed with a truly creative and powerful approach to negotiating the reality and fantasy of food, clinicians finally have an edge as they face with their clients the challenge of developing a sense of empowerment out of a depleted sense of self-esteem.

The metaphors offered here are drawn from the author’s 20 years of experience in working with weight management. Brickman has discovered the essential truth of gathering critical insights from his clients in order to create an intervention stance that is flexible, resilient, and receptive. The metaphors have been tried and tested and refined, and then given wings. Clinicians will find that they resonate across a variety of personality styles and circumstances.

Whether used verbatim or to inspire the unique voice and attributes of the reader, the trance scripts featured in The Thin Book are a resource of unusual depth and clarity.

ISBN: 978-1-891944-09-3 • Softcover • $26.95

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