Transformational Relationships: Deciphering the Social Matrix in Psychotherapy


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Transformational Relationships is a vital resource for therapists who want state-of-the-art information on what works in psychotherapy. To navigate successfully the complex demands of individualized treatment, a therapist needs to recognize the social matrix against which the course of treatment is plotted. To this end, Dr. Short shares the most essential aspects of the therapist-patient relationship and how this powerful bond produces lasting transformation.

Readers will discover a unique and compelling narrative of science and clinical wisdom. The first section deciphers key dynamics of social complementarity, including dominance and submission, reciprocity, affective attunement, verification, and attachment. In the second section the reader will learn how relational beacons facilitate complex interpersonal maneuvering. The process of transformation begins long before the treatment ends.

ISBN: 978-1-934442-40-1 • 2010 • 378 Pages • Softcover • $32.50

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