Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy (eBook)

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When a book becomes a classic…

A careful integration of essential hypnotic techniques and family therapy, this innovative perspective can be incorporated into the working paradigm of virtually all practitioners.

From Camilo Loriedo: A classic book filled with seminal ideas that continue to blossom in this always-fertile field.

From Braulio Montalvo: This is the most useful integration of ideas in hypnosis with family therapy; an enduring resource.

From Daniel Araoz: The New Hypnosis…lends itself very well to developing the skill of using ‘family hypnosis’ therapeutically. What the family has been doing ineffectively and counterproductively can be turned around for their benefit. The awareness of this aspect of family communication we owe to Ritterman…Ritterman shows the flexibility and marvelous creative potential of hypnosis with families.

From Contemporary Psychology: Ritterman’s book is an important contribution to both family therapy and clinical hypnosis. Indeed, this is the first book to be devoted to family hypnotherapy. All students of family therapy will benefit greatly from this book, regardless of the general therapeutic model they use. They will realize, with surprise, perhaps, that the hypnotic techniques proposed by Ritterman can be incorporated into their own family therapy model, enriching it and making it more effective. Family therapists owe it to themselves to read this volume.

ISBN: 978-1-932462-36-4e • 372 Pages • ebook • $12.95

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