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Spanning the years from 1967 to 1997, the papers contained in this volume stand together as a testament to the brilliance and foresight of one man, Dr. Nicholas A. Cummings. And in those thirty years, this man has had a lot to say. but more important than the profile of Nick Cummings that emerges is the profile that emerges of the entire field of psychotherapy. Through the eyes and words of this provocative pioneer the current turmoil in the field comes into sharp focus.

For over a quarter of a century, Cummings has urged psychologists to prepare for profound changes in the mental health care delivery system, changes that he knew were inevitable even as others railed against the possibility. Cummings has also written extensively on the importance – and the logistics – of positioning mental health care as a linchpin in the provision of health care in general. Both of these concerns are at the core of the current dialog in the field and undoubtedly will continue to shape the practical and philosophical debate for years to come.

In this book, the editors not only have gathered some of Cummings’ most original and significant works, they have enticed him to provide updates on those perspectives – and in so doing to point the way to possible future directions.

ISBN: 978-1-891944-12-3 • 2001 • 285 Pages • Hardcover • $49.95

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