Who's Been Living in Your Head?


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Who’s been living in your Head? is a serious little book with big payoff: ridding ourselves of the critics, the blamers, the regretters, the nags, and all of those other voices that crowd our heads and get in the way of success. As Mary Goulding profiles a cast of internal demons and demagogues (generally unversal in nature), most of us will recognize the accusations of “Not good enough,” “You’ll never get it right,” “Now, you’ve really screwed things up,” and other negative messages.

But Goulding’s playful exercises and imaginings are designed to help us diminish the power of the internal monsters that are triggered in times of stress and uncertainty – and to replace them with allies that will come to our immediate aid if we know how to call upon them. Where once the reflex was, “Oh no, not again!” Goulding teaches a new response: “Yup, I know this one, and I can deal!” Who’s Been Living in Your Head? was first published in 1985. The current text has been updated and all of the illustrations have been newly created for the 2006 publication.


ISBN: 978-1-932462-81-4 • 2006 • Softcover • $12.95

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