What we lack in slick, we have in depth! Zeig, Tucker and Theisen, Publishers is in its 20th year! We are so very proud to make available ground-breaking works for psychotherapists — those just starting out and those still exploring. The voices of pioneers such as James Masterson, Virginia Satir, Cloe Madanes, James Bugental, Bert Hellinger, Erv Polster, and many others stand alongside tomorrow’s classics — together they have made this little independent company a wellspring for psychotherapy education.

The brainchild of Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, the company was established in much the same spirit as his wildly successful conferences (Brief Therapy, Couples, Evolution of Psychotherapy, Erickson Congress) to provide a platform for the most dedicated innovators of deep and enduring psychological support. Jeff, himself a prolific author and editor, as well as an esteemed teacher and presenter, and founder/director of The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, joins forces in this endeavor with psychologist and entrepreneur, Chuck Theisen, and editor and workshop facilitator, Suzi Tucker.

When the company was still just an idea, a simple fear hovered: Could it compete with the big guys? Would authors of any reputation take a chance? That fear was allayed almost immediately as most were excited to work with a new company, excited to work with us. Within the first two years, ZTT boasted an unparalleled list of advisors, board members, and authors.

As we look back and forward, the technology may have changed but the mission has not — to offer a balance of “topical” and “timeless” for professionals in search of ways to expand their clinical repertoires.

Psychotherapy is not one thing. There are scores of different approaches. Our list doesn’t cover them all… yet!