There’s something about the cadence, the gestures, the proximity — something about seeing great teachers in action!

Image of Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir

This is your chance to attend the extraordinary 13-hour workshop you missed in 1986! Maybe you were too young or not even born yet, maybe you were too busy. So here’s your opportunity to witness Virginia Satir live as she works in-depth with invited clients. She introduces and then demonstrates her groundbreaking experiential family reconstruction approach, including parts parties and family sculpting.  No matter your preferred paradigm, Satir’s clear observations open up new ways of connecting the dots in complex family systems. Much of what she was beginning to explore then — the cutting edge of systemic perspectives — is the stuff of the most exciting research happening today in epigenetics and neurobiology, attachment style, energy, and more.

Image of Salvador Minuchin

Salvador Minuchin

Dive or dip into this wellspring of work with Salvador Minuchin as he guides his clients — and viewers — through some of the roughest waters of family therapy. Whether he is sitting with the stepparents of a child whose central navigational tool is lying or revealing the inadvertent disempowerment of family members being “helped” by a governmental agency, his laser focus clears out the gunk of relational patterns that appear to be intractable. He is equal parts direct and compassionate in these sessions, and there is a lot to choose from: Minuchin intervening directly with members of families facing challenge;  a supervision case plus follow-up 25 years later; interviews with Minuchin about his approach; plus the only three remaining tapes of featuring Carl Whitaker, Virginia Satir, and Dr. Minuchin as they develop their idiosyncratic styles as family therapists.

Image of Michael Yapko

Michael Yapko

Michael Yapko is one of the most active folks in the field right now. He is especially acknowledged for his strategic, outcome-focused psychotherapies; his evolution of advanced clinical applications of hypnosis; and his innovative short-term non-pharmacological treatments of depression. Our selection of five one-hour sessions — each a short education in itself  —  shows the breadth and scope of Yapko’s work in hypnosis as he offers a context for essential learning. Whether the client is seeking to strengthen her resolve to make decisions or is hoping to overcome his anxiety and depression, the content and pacing of experience is brought into full dimension as we watch and learn from Yapko as he guides the hypnosis.

Image of Jeff Zeig

Jeffrey K. Zeig

An indefatigable teacher and innovator, Jeff Zeig has made it his mission to close the seam between what is therapy and what is experience.  He has both deconstructed and extended the Ericksonian approach to therapy in an effort to transcribe its essential through-lines and to clear the way for its natural evolution. Zeig’s frame is an unusual blend of creativity and preciseness when it comes to attuning to clients — their self-limiting philosophies and innate capacities — in the effort to point the way toward something closer to wellbeing.  This rich pool of material, which is designed for therapists and coaches, offers hours of inspired teaching through lecture and workshop from the POV of his ever-expanding approach (key concepts) and its myriad applications (from anxiety to PTSD).

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