About Us

Who are we?

Zeig, Tucker & Theisen is an independent publisher in the behavioral sciences, with some very independent ideas. When two knowledgeable and caring professionals — a psychotherapist/educator and an experienced field editor — decided to join forces to create a new publishing company, a conversation became a commitment. Beholden to no one, we are entirely focused on producing works that explore and, when necessary, explode the accepted markers of psychological theory and clinical practice.

Together, with a dynamic team of off-beat but right-on-target creative professionals, we will circumvent the jaded and well-worn policies of the old guard in publishing to open up new possibilities for both the traditionalists and the scouts in behavioral health.

Our authors are our future. We will encourage and support their development as writers, as therapists, as teachers, and as researchers. A good book is just that; a good author knows no boundaries.

What does this mean for those who publish with us? It means a thousand things in a thousand different moments, from the beginning work on a manuscript to the finishing touches on a marketing plan.

We recognize that not every author desires the same amount of input at any given stage, but it is the rich mixture of our respective expertise — the author’s and the publisher’s — that will mean the difference between a pretty fair book and a really fine book. It is the difference between a book that lands in the laps of the already converted and a book that makes people sit up and take notice.

Advisors to Zeig, Tucker & Theisen include leading names from the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and publishing. Our list will benefit immensely from the hard-fought perspectives that these people have carved out. We know enough to listen.

Zeig, Tucker & Theisen is building bridges.


  • Principals
  • J. K. Zeig, Ph.D., President
  • Chuck Lakin, Managing Editor
  • Stacey Moore, Business Manager
  • Suzi Tucker, Editorial
  • Advisory Board
  • Ellyn Bader
  • Aaron Beck
  • Claudia Black
  • Betty Alice Erickson
  • Stephen Gilligan
  • Bradford Keeney
  • Carol Lankton
  • Joseph LoPiccolo
  • Wade Luquet
  • Cloe Madanes
  • John Norcross
  • Peggy Papp
  • Erving Polster
  • Ernest Rossi
  • Michael Yapko
  • Series editors
  • Ellyn Bader
  • Matthew Selekman
  • Michael Yapko